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Meet the finalists of 2023 Pink Summits Scholarship for queer adventurers  proudly sponsored by Osprey!

Emilie is a queer woman based in Berlin, Germany with a background in grassroots political organizing and a commitment to transformative social change. As a multicultural beginner outdoors person who grew up among the Douglas firs of the U.S., Emilie loves sport climbing and backpacking. In her free time, she also enjoys the meditative aspects of swimming and being on the water. Emilie is enthusiastic about deepening the connection between outdoor adventures and inner healing, and is very excited to work with Pink Summits to help increase FLINTA* visibility and access to the outdoors.

Emilie will share the scholarship funds with a remarkable local youth initiative working with LGBTQ+ community in Issykkul, Kyrgyzstan. Emilie will have the opportunity to personally connect with leaders of that initiative during her upcoming trip to Central Asia, where Pink Summits, in partnership with Kyrgyz Indigo, will organize a community event. This collaborative effort has established a three-year tradition of organizing hiking and climbing events in the awe-inspiring Tian-Shan mountains, providing a safe haven for local communities to challenge themselves, empower and inspire one another, celebrate their diversity and perseverance, and show their unwavering pride.

The Pink Summits and Osprey teams want to thank everyone who submitted their applications. It was not easy to choose finalists, as each applicant shared captivating personal stories and plans with us. We even inspired one gay man who lives now in Kyrgyzstan to come out as a gay mountaineer.  Such acts of bravery and the power of stories like these mean a lot for promoting LGBTIQ visibility, especially in countries like Kyrgyzstan.

Together, let us continue to blaze trails, shatter prejudices and create a world where everyone can experience the transformative power of outdoors.

*FLINTA stands for Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Transgender, and Agender individuals.

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