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The ascent to Mount Kosciusko itself takes maximum 3 hours, which can go down to 1.5 hours if you take a lift in Thredbo to the beginning of upper trail.

The path to Kosciuszko is easy to find, even under the snow: a trail out of bulky iron shields is laid right to the mountain, which poisoned the whole atmosphere of hiking. You do not find much mountaineering experience: it’s rather an easy stroll.

It is better to climb Kosciusko in winter, when the trail is still under the snow and there are fewer tourists around. We were lucky to end up with the off-season, when there were no tourists and the snow was still present.

On the top of Mount Kosciusko we encountered a stack of stones and from there we could admire beautiful views of the mountains and valleys around. From here you can even go downhill on skis: we saw one skier who just skied down several times in front of us ???? I was so envy. I wanted to ski too!

We climbed Mount Kosciuszko quite early in the morning. If you want to take the lift: it’s open from 9 am and it’s quite expensive! I don’t see any sense to take the lift. Even without the lift you can easily reach the top within 3 hours.

After some hours we were already dining back in Sydney. Another peak (even though very small one, more like a hill) was conquered!

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