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First of all, we went to breakfast at the wonderful Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop. We liked it there so much that we decided to go there the next day as well.

After breakfast we head straight to the giant outdoor store REI. I was surprised by the huge number of bags, caps and clothing with rainbow or LGBTIQ symbols there.

Initially, we wanted to buy some food there, but in the end we found cheaper options at the regular Fred Meyers supermarket, including packed lunches. We spent half a day and 1500 dollars for food only (for three of us).

We spent the rest of the day sorting food for the expedition and in the evening we went into town for a walk and to eat some Cajun food.

My first impression of Anchorage is not the best, it is a dull and depressing city with wide gray and deserted streets, giant cars and pickup trucks, huge parking areas, American flags, strange neo-Christian churches, poor people living in tents near the railway station or right on the concrete streets of downtown.

Anchorage is definitely not my city. Too gloomy, empty and cold. The only thing that pleased me about the city was the wonderful street art and graffiti. And perhaps views of the bay, especially during sunset.

On the second day, at our lovely coffee shop we received a flower, with which I walked around Anchorage all day. Don’t be surprised if you see me with a flower in some photos.

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